For most of us who are automotive fans our passion often has some sort of family connection. Many of us had this passion passed on to us from a parent or perhaps a brother or sister. Many of us find that cars act as a connection to memories we share with our family and friends. I’ve had more cars than I can remember but the first car I had when I was only 14 was my mothers 1970 Chrysler Newport.

While I often dreamed of being able to drive it down the road (legally) the reality of the rust that had invaded it made me ultimately realize that I was better off pulling the 440 engine out of it and selling it for parts instead of trying to hold on to it. Growing up I became most attached to my 1980 Econoline van. I purchased it from my stepfather for $2200 with only 40,000km’s on it and by the time I sold it with over 786,000 km’s on it that poor van had seen more teenage abuse than any vehicle should be able to endure. Looking back now on those vehicles they weren’t iconic muscle cars or head turners, but they will be forever etched in my brain because of all the great memories that they helped me create. 

When our time here on earth is done all our possessions will be gone and all we will really have to show for is our family & friends but most importantly our children. Therefore Memory Motors will donate $100 for each vehicle sold alternately between 2 charities, McMaster Children’s Hospital and The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. Both these organizations have touched my family in ways that we will never be able to repay.

Now there may be a few jaded people out there that might think that this is a way for Memory Motors to come up with a tax deduction. Well after picking a year like 2020 to start a new business, tax deductions will be the last thing that Memory Motors will need. The tax receipts will be made out in the name of the vehicle purchaser. While the donation alone may not be enough to influence your purchase decision, we once again wanted to show our commitment to families and the memories they can make together with the help of these 2 organizations.

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