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The Car We Wouldn’t Sell

Not long ago a young man came to our shop looking for something different to drive. He had recently gotten his license and this was going to be his first car. His eyes were quickly drawn to our 65 Corvair Corsa. The car is painted dark purple and the previous owner had attempted to turn…


For most of us who are automotive fans our passion often has some sort of family connection. Many of us had this passion passed on to us from a parent or perhaps a brother or sister. Many of us find that cars act as a connection to memories we share with our family and friends.…

Restoring Old Cars?

I’ve had several people ask me “why do you want to get into the automotive restoration business?”My reply is simple. This is not an automotive restoration business it’s an automotive resuscitation business. Memory Motors can be best compared to an animal rescue. We find vehicles that have been neglected or abandoned by their previous owners…

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