About Us

As a child, many of my fondest memories were based on time spent on road trips with my family. My mothers 66 Mercury Park Lane convertible, My fathers 72 Ford Country Squire wagon or 7 people packed into my step fathers 75 4 door Plymouth Fury driving all the way to Florida. Now as a father with 3 girls of my own my wife and I have always made it a priority to create as many memories as we can for our girls. Given my lifelong passion for vehicles, many of our family memories are based around cars as well. 

Here’s what you won’t find at Memory Motors:

  • Balloons and banners in the parking lot 
  • Commissioned sales people
  • A fancy showroom
  • High end collector cars that are in “Mint” condition.

Here’s what you will find at Memory Motors:

  • A family owned business based in a 70-year-old building that used to be a farm equipment dealership
  • A gravel parking lot
  • An honest representation of our vehicles
  • What we like to call “Daily Driver Classic Cars”

We offer affordable classic cars. Vehicles that maybe your grandparents, or parents or even a younger version of yourself used to drive. Family cars, Station Wagons and Trucks with the odd sports car as well.  

Typically, our vehicles are priced at under $10,000 to make them within reach of the average family. Many times, I have seen people sink tens of thousands of dollars into classic cars. While I certainly appreciate all the work and care that goes into these expensive classics they often get to the point where the owners are afraid to drive them. When they get to that point, they’re no longer cars, they’re art objects and you might as well take a picture of it and hang it on your wall.   I’ve also seen life events force the sale of some of these high-end classics and in many cases the sellers are lucky to recover half of the money they have invested.

At Memory Motors that’s the last thing we want to see happen to any of our customers, which is why we stick with more affordable classics so if circumstances change the financial impact is minimal. Our cars are meant to be driven, whether its out for a Sunday drive along the lake or to the local ice cream shop. Take them to a local cruise night or a cars and coffee event and share the nostalgia with others without having to surround them with velvet ropes.

The most important thing we hope you do with our cars is make memories. Take your parents or grandparents out for a ride in a car just like the one they had years ago and watch their faces light up! Take your kids for a ride in a vehicle that existed long before minivans filled the streets of suburbia, maybe something similar to your very first car.  A car that likely had more ashtrays than cup holders.

Relive Old Memories While Making New Ones! 

Thanks for checking us out! 

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