What’s With the Names?

If you’ve read this far on our site you’ve probably noticed that we’ve named all our cars. 

This is something that Sheri and I and our kids have done for a number of years. We stick with names of characters from Disney and Marvel movies as well las other movies that fall under the Disney umbrella. Why? Because our cars have always been part of our family and family members deserve a name. Whether its Sully, my blue pick up or my oldest daughters truck and Mustang, which she’s named Beauty and Beast or my other 2 daughters trucks Olaf and Sebastian. They have all helped us create many memories together. Once Sheri’s Mustang comes back from being painted the car will be renamed Maleficent. 

Some of the names of our vehicles have pretty obvious links to specific movies but other may be a little harder to figure out. In the future we will run different promotions for customer who can correctly match the name to the movie character. We will also be asking our Facebook followers to help us come up with names for vehicles as they are added to our inventory. This will be just one of the ways that we hope to keep our focus of family and making memories. In everything we do.

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