Tony – 1970 Ford Torino GT


Hey everybody! I’d like to introduce you to Tony.

Tony is a 1970 Ford Torino GT convertible powered by a 351 Cleveland V8 and a three speed automatic transmission. A number of people find the whole 351 engine size confusing as there are 351 Windsor engines as well as the Cleveland and then there is the 351 Cleveland modified . The standard 351 Cleveland is by far my favorite. This car came to us from a collector in Ottawa but the car was originally sold out West. We do have a copy of the marti report available for Tony as well. As you can see from looking at the pictures the car has been recently painted but the paint work is not of showroom quality. If you look closely you’ll see some minor imperfections in the paint that perhaps a more experienced detailer could polish and improve on. We didn’t want to go any further with it for fear of damaging the finish. The top is in excellent condition and the power mechanisms function as they should as seen in the video. The engine and transmission operate very well and the car is certainly drivable in this condition. The floor and frame under the car are also very solid. Also kind of interesting to see a set of Mickey Thompson street tires installed on this car. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I saw a set of these. Probably the part of the car that requires the most attention would be the interior. As seen in the pictures there is some damage to both front seat covers and the dash is cracked as well. You may notice some swirling patterns on the actual dash pad, it’s my understanding that this was a factory pattern that was imprinted onto it. You also notice that the scuff plates need to be replaced and fitted better around the new carpet. The other thing with the interior is that either the console is the wrong one for this car or it’s missing some of its mounting brackets as the back bracket that holds it in place is not there. Aside from the interior issues though the car runs and drives really well and it’s pure fun. The exhaust rumble lets you know immediately but you’re dealing with good old fashioned American V8 power.

Now Tony is officially sold but if this is the type of car you are looking for please still feel free to contact us a or call us at 905-537-3673 and we’d be happy to help you!

Ontario motor vehicle industry council mandatory statement: This vehicle is being sold “as is,” unfit, not e-tested and is not represented as being in road worthy condition, mechanically sound or maintained at any guaranteed level of quality. The vehicle may not be fit for use as a means of transportation and may require substantial repairs at the purchaser’s expense. It may not be possible to register the vehicle to be driven in its current condition.

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